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March 4, 2015


Mexico can become part of the industrial clean-tech revolution

GreenMomentum, IMCO and WWF urge for the development of an industrial cleantech policy to untap the potential

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO. March 3rd, 2015.- The Mexican consortia E3 formed by World Wildlife Fund Mexico, the Mexican Competitiveness Institute and GreenMomentum launched today the report: “Cleantech México 2015: Outlook and Policies for Unlocking Eco-innovation”.

The objective of the study was to understand the state of and conditions surrounding cleantech innovation and entrepreneurship in Mexico and sketch a policy roadmap to promote its development.

Cleantech refers to a product, service or knowledge created with commercial purposes; designed to reduce the sources and/or effects of climate change, maximize the operational efficiency of industries, generating savings in resources and waste and promoting their reuse and recycling.

Cleantech Innovation is one of the new areas of economic growth within the transition to low carbon economies. While improving industries’ efficiency, it generates jobs, reduces resources’ consumption and mitigates green-house gasses.

An extensive survey was conducted receiving input from 200 cleantech entrepreneurs as well as experts’ dialogues with research centers, government officials as well as public and private financial institutions. The survey assessed the current state of the cleantech sector, analyzing key innovation and commercialization indicators based on the methodology used in the Global Cleantech Innovation Index, developed by WWF and the Cleantech Group. Both groups of indicators revealed low scores for most variables when compared to other OECD countries: limited patent solicitation (less than 3% of all patents), limited investment in the scale-up phase (almost no private or public funding), low number of consolidated firms (only one cleantech company has had an initial public offering), lack of conglomeration (there is not one cleantech cluster), and only a small percentage of companies competing in international markets (only 6% of companies export).

There is no doubt Mexico´s cleantech industry is on the rise. Though figures for pure-play cleantech firms, cleantech patents, and specialized workforce are currently low, they continue to increase year by year. According to E3, today, Mexico’s political, economic and environmental landscape presents a bright new opportunity to incentivize growth in the clean tech space.

Key recommendations by E3 to seize this opportunity are

Improve environmental regulation and strengthen its enforcement

Eliminate perverse subsidies and develop effective policy incentives

Maximize the impact of the Energy Reform through a definitive boost to cleantech

Improve the perceived value of intellectual property

Promote investment throughout the value chain of innovation

Strengthen linkages between industry and academia

Develop a specialized workforce for the cleantech industry and,

Develop loan guarantee programs and encourage public-private investment

These recommendations are part of an implicit recommendation to Federal and State governments, as well as academia, private sector, civil society, NGOs and financial institutions, to focus on cleantech innovation and commercialization and a larger recommendation for the country to develop an integrated industrial cleantech policy.

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