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November 28, 2012


Interview with InnoVentum

Sigvald Harryson, founder and CEO of InnoVentum gives an overview of their company,

InnoVentum – meaning innovation in wind – gives green power to the people by providing carbon-negative wind energy solutions to individuals and businesses that want to generate clean energy with a beautiful and silent wind turbine. To offer products with the lowest possible carbon impact and superior performance, InnoVentum applies the newest technologies to some of the oldest materials on the Planet to make towers of wood instead of steel and use recycled materials for remaining parts.

What is unique about InnoVentum?

All InnoVentum wooden towers have been developed in collaboration with the leading European universities in the field of wood engineering – at times engaging more than 100 students and scientists in renewable materials. This massive R&D effort focused on finding the optimal balance between material efficiency, strength, durability, modularity and transportability – while respecting the power of beauty.Wooden towers are stronger and lighter than steel towers making them easier to erect and more environmentally friendly to transport. Furthermore, while steel towers typically magnify vibrations and sound, the natural fibres in wooden towers reduce both. By 2016 InnoVentums target is to offset 160.000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

How far has the company come along since the beginning?

While our concept is wrapped into a scalable business model for resource-efficient logistics and deployment of our solutions – the scale is still missing. InnoVentum was born in Malmö on 05.05.10 and is eager to grow!

What does InnoVentum hope to achieve if they Green Mentorship Award?

The Green Mentorship Award would allow InnoVentum to accelerate the pace and widen the scale of giving green power to the people across the globe. To take an example, over three quarters of Sweden’s greenhouse gas emissions come from households – mainly energy, transport and food. We strive to help households become carbon-neutral by giving them their own small-scale wind energy solutions. In this sense, InnoVentum targets the main source of carbon emissions in the developed countries.

Wider and more forceful communication is required to reach the people of the planet and not just the early adopters of developed economies. Also in this context, we can think of no better mentor than Niklas Zennström to help us go viral by tapping into his wide network and leverage his experience in launching cost-efficient user platforms with global impact. His mentorship will inspire leadership towards a more sustainable society through accelerated innovation in wind.