Our environmental portfolio encompasses three areas: Climate Change, Green Entrepreneurship; and the Baltic Sea.

Climate Change  Climate change threatens the very ability of our planet to sustain life as changing temperatures wipe out habitats, change the chemistry of the oceans and threaten vulnerable communities. Only through coordinated partnership with businesses, governments and civil society do we have an opportunity to halt climate change now before the changes to our natural environment are irreversible. We believe that as a funder, we are most effective when we work to change the systems that hinder sustainable growth, be they political, financial or market-based. To achieve this goal we support organisations that work in innovative ways to influence decision makers. Grantees >>

Green Entrepreneurship  We believe that entrepreneurs offer an underutilised resource in the fight against climate change and deforestation. Through supporting organisations and enterprises that provide sustainable livelihoods for people that also protect or enhance the health of our environment we can help create a new low carbon development paradigm. Grantees >>

Baltic Sea  The Baltic Sea’s health is currently threatened by pollution, the over-exploitation of its natural resources and conflicting jurisdictional responsibility. By working to restore the Baltic Sea we hope to provide a successful model that can be used by others to restore our threatened seas and oceans. Grantees >>